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Katrina “Kat” Williams 2019 “With Gratitude” Tour Kick-off 


Presented by The Asheville Renaissance Hotel 21 June 2019 7-9pm

31 May 2019

Dearest Friends,

 Are you ready to party with a purpose? I am! I am so glad to be alive and I have something very special to share with you…my first major Asheville concert since my transplant surgery. You and yours are invited to join me at:

The Asheville Renaissance Hotel Presents

Kat Williams “With Gratitude” Concert

Friday Night 21 June 2019 (7pm-9pm)

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So let’s get ready to dance and celebrate! I also want to let everyone know, that I am producing this concert because I owe a deep debt of gratitude to everyone who stood by me during last years’ ordeal. Thanks to a special friend, I have a new kidney – WOW!  The depth of my gratitude and appreciation for them is so deep, it’s difficult to convey...and thats what this concert is about: celebrating that eternal gratitude… and it comes straight from my heart. I have so much to be thankful for and not just for that special angel who gave me their kidney, but also for all those folks whose thoughts, prayers and actions spoke volumes (Duke & Mission xoxo). Don’t you want to just dance about it! I do! I survived and so did you!

When I get on stage, I hope you will feel the power of love I am trying to convey. Backed by two-time Grammy Award winner Eliot Wadopian, along with River Guerguerian, Chris Rosser (collectively – Free Planet Radio), and Richard Shulman, our new music traces the spiritual journey of the miracle of gratitude.  You folks will be the first to hear this new music and we are honored to share it with you all.

Please join me in thanking my donor, wife, doctors, medical staff, ministers, church, brother, family, fans, musical compatriots, and true friends with this special concert and night. Of course, I am forever grateful to our host The Asheville Renaissance Hotel. They helped out with the last big Save Kat Williams concert a few years back hosting over 850 fans! 

So, let me share with you an amazing night of libations, fine dancing music and profound jams with my magical musical friends. Hopefully, with their help and yours, I can impart that most delicate of messages: ‘A sincere thanks to all of you from the bottom of my heart.’

– In Gratitude and Love,

Katrina “Kat” Williams

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Emmy nominated Kat Williams fills a void that has been severely neglected for years. She satisfies a yearning that a great percentage of music lovers have been waiting to be fulfilled. Kat’s voice and music is a return to an emotive Truth and Honesty rarely found today. As so many of the greatest performers in history, vocalists like Ella Fitzgerald, Nancy Wilson, Nina Simone, Coco Taylor, Mavis Staples & Etta James. In 1997, Kat moved to Asheville, NC and soon took the town by storm, becoming the most sought after singer in the region. She bared her soul to the crowd, inviting audiences in for a glimpse of a truly phenomenal woman and an authentic, from the heart, performer. Years later, Kat’s musical philosophy is “I have no competition- I can only give you the best of me.” Filled with a passion for song, an astonishing animated style, a spirited sense of humor, and that remarkable laugh, Kat takes the stage and makes magic happen. Kat has performed with solo pianists, big bands, and full symphony orchestras. 

Kat Williams

Kat Williams sang the score to a ballet production of Porgy and Bess to rave reviews. Out of hundreds of people who auditioned, she was chosen to open for Jay Leno on his comedy tour of the area. She starred Off-Broadway in the original play, “Mother Divine”. She was the featured performer at the wrap party for the movie Patch Adams starring Robin Williams, sang the National Anthem for an event featuring Gen. Colin Powell. In 2008 she opened (2) shows in California for Chaka Kahn and was featured on NBC hit Show “America’s Got Talent” Vegas callbacks in the Top 50.

Kat was nominated by the Christian Music Hall of Fame for a Visionary Award as 2009 Urban Performer of the Year for her work with local musical youth on PBS. In 2010 Kat had the honor of singing the National Anthem for President Bill Clinton. In 2012, Kat was nominated for an Emmy for her contribution to the “Hands of Hope” project. Singer, actress, and songwriter, Kat is truly a triple threat. She can perform Jazz, Blues, Motown, R&B, Rock, Pop, and Gospel. Though she is constantly in demand, she is loyal to her many fans, maintaining personal friendships with many of them. She is truly a remarkable woman and an electrifying and unforgettable performer.

In 2017, Kat was diagnosed with renal Stage 5 kidney failure five years ago. A member of the Asheville community, who wished to remain anonymous, donated their kidney and saved Kat’s life. After months of recovery, Kat is joining her musical allies Free Planet Radio and Richard Shulman in the creation of a new album entitled “In Gratitude” slated to come out in Fall of 2019. Visit www.kat.fm for more information.

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The Asheville Renaissance Hotel Presents

Kat Williams “With Gratitude” Concert

Friday Night 21 June 2019 (7pm-9pm)

Advance Tickets | VIP Tickets | Signed Merchandise




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